Wednesday 5 February 2014

The Quiet Players: Board Games for Introverts

Source: the incredible Hyperbole & A Half
When thinking of games for introverts, some people automatically think of video games; what activity could be more conducive to staying solitary? But we’re here to tell you about another option: board games! Board games run the gamut from restrained to rambunctious, subdued to sonorous, clever to corny, and all-sorts of alliterations we’ve yet to come up with. Plus introverts are the same way! Some are quiet, while others talk passionately about their hobbies. Some prefer to be alone all the time, while others really enjoy being social with the right people. So what makes someone an introvert? They tend to think and then speak, favor one-on-one interaction, and most importantly, need solitude to recharge which is the exact opposite of their extroverted friends. If you’re an introvert you probably already know what makes you tick, so on to the games we think you might like!

In Rialto you watch gondolas float past the beautiful waterways of Venice, as you wheedle for ULTIMATE POLITCAL DOMINATION! Okay, so theme-wise this area control game isn’t particularly exciting, but the game play is fabulous. The system for gaining points relies mostly on area control, with an interesting card-drafting mechanic. Those cards are then played in an auction/bidding style that allows for high levels of player interaction WITHOUT having to negotiate or plead your case. This allows our introvert friends to show off their thinking and planning prowess instead of manipulative speaking skills.

For the introverts who like strategize during their alone time, Android: Netrunner provides that in spades with the option to build your decks before the game has even started. A living card game with a multitude of expansions, where you can win without having spent the most money, Android: Netrunner is fantastic whether you choose to build your own decks or play with the base collections.  Set in a super cool cyberpunk future, you play corporation versus runner. The former advancing secret agendas secured with “ice” while the latter hacks, runs, and hopes their efforts are doing something, anything, to take the corporation down. Beautiful art and careful detail with the theme will suck you right into the dystopian future. Since this fantastic game can only be played one-on-one, it’s also perfect for the introvert who prefers just a little socializing with their strategy.

Just because you’re an introvert that may not always want to meet up with other gamers on a regular basis doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from the crazy world of RPGs. The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game packs in all the excitement of embarking on a campaign and fighting monsters and magic alongside your fellow wizards and rogues, but allows you to do all that just playing solo. No need to go in search of a good moderator or mass email a list of strangers in the hopes to find other like-minded adventurers, you’ve got all the makings of a great RPG in one box. And for the times you DO want to share your fighting skills with a select party of friendly gamers, this adventure plays up to 4; that’s you and 3 very lucky people.

Ka & Ashley are the Most Honourable Chairwomen of The Meeple’s Republic, a social events company in Ottawa, ON. They love good food, good beer and good people. Oh, and of course bringing people together with board games! You can find their serious opinions and silly faces on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

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