Saturday 1 February 2014

Reading for Little Geeks Pt 1: a mom's list of best geek lit for little ones

by Jenn Kelly

This is not an article on the crassness of figures drawn in graphic novels/comic books. That being said:

I am a strict parent. I believe in teaching respect, compassion and love, and keeping my son as innocent as possible, for however long I can. This is my job. He does not need to see the awfulness of our world at such a young age.  And it is not easy finding reading material that is appropriate and interesting.  However, having done some extensive research, I present to you a careful entry into the world of geek, for your young ones. All books can be purchased at your local Comic Book Store and found at the library.

A simply-drawn, colourful comic by Art Baltazar and Franco that is filled with children superheroes (Supergirl, Batman, Wonderwoman!)  having silly adventures, using witty puns, and demonstrating equality between them all. It's adorable.  Sells for about $16.

A graphic novel rated E, created by Chris Giarrusso. G-Man is a kid learning to be a superhero, among his superhero friends. You can imagine the trouble they get into and the silliness from learning to fly, fight and blow things up.  Sells for about $10.

This book is brilliant. Written and illustrated by Jeffrey Brown (the same author of 'Darth Vader and Son'), the Jedi Academy follows the adventures of young Luke Skywalker and his buds attending the Jedi School. Darth Maul and Yoda are teachers.  The jokes are perfect. Silly, witty and offers full nights of giggles.  Selling for about $7. 

This graphic novel is less about superheroes and more about a boy-genius inventor and his best friend, his dog named Chad.  They have creative adventures, have emotionally-tugging moments and learn something transformative at the end of the day. Sells for about $11.

How could you possibly forget about this brilliant character from the 40's? When was the last time you took a look?  Herge created an exceptional protagonist who has the coolest travels and mysterious adventures.  Granted, some of the wording is outdated and Captain does drink, but Herge outshines
the negativity by the wit of their speech, the heroic attributes of Snowy (Tintin's faithful dog), and the 'edge-of-your-seat' tales. My son inhales these books and loves to watch the cartoon as well.  You can now buy Tintin in a 3-in-1 Volume which is more portable. Sells for about $20.

Parents.  Please, check the book before your child reads it.  I wish books had warning signs that said, 'contains sex, contains girls acting stupid, contains shallow materialism, contains thought provoking images'. But they don't.  Life is not like it was way-back-when.  For the love of your child and their own growth, please care about what they're reading.  Because no one else does.

Jenn Kelly is a published author who is learning the girl geek-dom.  You can visit her webpage that she is supposed to update, but never does. Um...that's all.


  1. Bravo! Love your selections of Teen Titans and Tintin as well as Jedi Academy.

    May I also suggest Power Pack -

  2. Is it possible to link to a seller in a way that gives CGG a portion of sales for purchases made via links from this website? Just a suggestion for this and other book/movie/game recommendations since I know I'm likely to buy some anyway.

    1. Hi AngeH,
      If you email CGG at, you can tell us some of the brands you're buying based on our recommendation. You can also let the BRAND know that's how you made your buying choice. Then we can work on having them on as official sponsors! That helps CGG become sustainable, because it takes bucks to make a blogazine!


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