Monday 28 April 2014

Mother's Day for Geeks: Perfect Gifts for Geeky Moms

by Christina Marie

Mother's Day is fast approaching, are you stuck on ideas of what to get that Geeky Mother in your life?  I have sorted through many items and pages and pages of geeky stuff that all Geeky Mothers must have from our local "The Comic Book Shoppe" and also from, an online store based out of the U.S.  

I visited The Comic Book Shoppe for ideas on what I thought would make great gifts for the geeky mom.  Of course, it was a very easy job to find items as I am a geeky mom, the only problem was trying to limit the amount to post on this blog. If I could have I would post a picture of The Comic Book Shoppe and say, anything in this place would make a geeky mom happy!  But, I did cut my list down to some very special items for that geeky mom in your life.

Purses, bags and backpacks, something every mom needs.  I found a wide variety of superhero and animé bags, including The Walking Dead and a Darth Vader handbag (hey, my kids, I love this one!). 

Just in time for the soon to be spring/summer weather we are going to have (think positive!), I found some wonderful superhero tank dresses, as well as a Tardis version.  There were several other clothing and jewellery items for your mother, including superhero socks, tank pj sets, to which I just could not wait until Mother’s Day for and bought myself the Batgirl version.  

And last but not least, houseware items consisting of superhero, fantasy, sci-fi, comic and animé cups, mugs, glasses and water bottles and my favorite, the Star Wars lamps, using a lightsaber base with your choice of the Rebel Alliance or the Empire lampshade.

What I would give to have a Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead kitchenware sets and a Batman water bottle to take to the gym!  I would be the coolest mom there.

For those who have time to order and wait for delivery, one of the best online places for Geeky stuff is  Now this is a site that covers items of all price ranges and almost anything you can possibly think of, is there.
courtesy of
Once again, bags, bags, bags, as any mom knows that the perfect bag is an essential item to our everyday outfit.  Not just for looking good, but for storing all our necessary items, from makeup to kids stuff.  Above we see the Batman Wings and Cowl Backpack, the Handbag of Holding, which also has a sleeve to carry your laptop, and of course, for the moms with babies a Batman Diaper Bag.  

Next from ThinkGeek are some great items to add to her wardrobe.
courtesy of
A SeV Sterling Women’s Jacket, with 23 hidden pockets to store all your electronics, including space for your iPad, and an RFID-blocking wallet pocket.  

Because we know all moms are superheroes, what better than to tell her by getting her a Wonder Woman Hoodie  or a Super Heroine Caped Sleep Tanks.

ThinkGeek has an awesome selection of kitchen items that can make cooking fun and gadgets to make her life easier.  
Here we see DarthVader using an Exclusive Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set, a USB Thermoelectric Cooler and Warmer for when she games or uses the computer which is more compact than trying to fit a mini fridge in your room, a Keyport Slide 2.0 Starter Bundle which includes a USB Flash Drive (8 or 32 GB), a mini-light, bottle opener, gift code for 3 Standard Blades and s-biner for attaching loose items.  

Some other ideas, World of Warcraft Paladin and Priest robes/housecoats, which sold out fast at BlizzCon, and a Smartphone X2 Camera Zoom, both of which can be purchased at, and World of Warcraft Cookie Cutters from

Some tips if you decide to purchase online.  Remember you are usually buying from the U.S. and often if you choose fast delivery, FedEx or UPS will charge you extra for duty.  I found out that if I order from ThinkGeek and use the regular delivery method, I can avoid paying extra duty costs.

Happy Mother's Day to all geeky mothers out there.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Pet moms also like Mother's Day gifts. Just had to put that out there. -Jordan

Christina Marie is a student at Carleton University, working on her Bachelor of Computer Science. She has a background in web development and programming and her extra time is spent on being a mommy to little geeklings, playing sports and gaming, with her current favorites being Warcraft, DayZ, CoD and CS:GO.  She enjoys blogging and tweeting gaming and tech updates @Xtina_Marie04.

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