Thursday 10 April 2014

Cosplay No-No's: Three Big Tips for Con Season and Beyond

By Toni Weri

As a cosplayer, it’s a fun challenge trying to be as accurate to the character you are portraying as possible.  There are different things that can enhance your costume, like contact lenses or makeup for example, but there are also things that can take away from it as well.  Here are three cosplay no-no's to keep in mind.


Your sewn or store bought costume can look amazing, but I find that details, such as the wig/hair can make a difference. To truly capture the essence of a character, you have to go that one extra step further. Either finding a great wig or style your hair to match your costume will increase your transformation into your favourite character. Try to avoid buying cheap wigs from big-box stores. If you have puffy or thick hair, taking the time to put on a wig cap to keep your hair under the wig will keep it from peeking out of your wig.
Photo taken by Megan Leduc 
               Cosplayer: Kudrel (

As silly as this may sound, practice posing in front of a mirror. You’re going to get pictures taken of you in costume by event goers because, hey, you are totally rocking your costume! The depiction of your costumed character might have been captured well in-person, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Take 5 minutes to search for reference pictures of your character. Try to mimic a pose, a facial expression or a combo of both! Cosplayers need to avoid the “deer in the headlights” look. If your character is supposed be gallant warrior, then puff out that chest, lift up that head and give that camera a confident smirk.  
Photo taken by Corey Graham
             Cosplayer:  ÁLI (


If you are going to cosplay, do not put your wallet or anything important in the pocket of your costume, unless it is secured in some manner. Time and time again I have heard sad tales of cosplayers losing their badges, wallets, hotel key cards etc… because they stuffed it into their costume pockets. These items are lost while posing for pictures, going to the bathroom or by just getting into character and running around. Keep a bag with you, or have a trusted sidekick carry a secure bag while you are at an event.  Cosplaying is fun, but losing spending money you saved up for your convention weekend can ruin the experience for you.

Toni Weri is a freelance artist and a proud member of the Rebel Legion. She is a geek of all trades, but her forte lies with anime, costuming, video games and Sci-Fi.

You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @ TONIGEEKGIRL

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  1. Great tips, thanks!
    Further on posing, here is the first video of a three (3) part series on costuming and posing ... well worth the time of watching of all 3 parts:
    "Posing in Cosplay: How to get photos that don't suck. Part One"


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