Wednesday 2 April 2014

Fake Geek Girl: Lee's Perspective



Way back in my day, back in the 70's when I was in high school, there was no such thing as a “fake geek girl”. There were geeks. Now mind you, the vast majority were boys. It was still a time of pink and blue, and gender specific roles. But a few of us young ladies didn't play by the rules.

I liked what my guy friends liked. I had more boy friends (NOT boyfriends) than girl friends and the guys were all geeks. We listened to albums of Monty Python skits. We went to see Star Wars, King Kong, Raiders of The Lost Ark and ET. We even dressed as characters from The Hobbit – when it was still only a book, and the only place to wear our costumes was to our school's Halloween dance.

I probably did stand out as the only girl, but the attention I got from my geek friends was simply how cool it was that I enjoyed all the “odd” things they were into. And while my girlfriends didn't quite understand the attraction to all things geek, they never once thought I was hanging out with the boys for any other reason than I was just as much a geek as them.

I've tried to stay away from this mess about “fake geek girls”. All I've read is either people complaining about those using the term “geek” to draw attention to themselves, or others complaining that no girl can be as geeky as a guy. As to the first complaint - there will always be those who call themselves whatever the current popular term is to gain attention, guys as well as girls. But there are only a few of them compared to those who just want to enjoy their passion. As for the boys complaining that girls can't be geeks, you all need to go live in a different time period – like the 1950s. Obviously you didn't get the memo that girls can be whatever they want nowadays. Those complainers are simply bullies, and it's the small that bark the loudest to make themselves feel big.

It shouldn't matter how you enjoy your geekdom or how much you know about it, whether it's gaming, movies, cosplay, or whatever. If someone loves something, leave them alone to enjoy it.

Lee A. Farruga is known as everyone's Geeky Godmother. She has many talents, lots of energy, and loves to help people achieve their goals, whatever that might be. She can also be found reviewing books, games, movies and more. Also known internationally as the Canadian Queen of Steampunk, Lee created and manages Steampunk Canada. When she finds spare time, Lee does background acting for television and movies, and enjoys geeky activities with family and friends.

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