Tuesday 8 July 2014

Geek Girl Review: Avengers Vs X-Men

By Lee A. Farruga

Most of my exposure to superheroes is via television and movies. I have seen all the X-men movies, the Avengers movies, Spiderman, Wolverine, the first season of S.H.I.E.L.D. etc. etc. You get the picture. The graphic novels I've read lately have been horror, scifi and real life story based. So when I received this latest graphic novel to review I actually did a double take. Not only is it the first superhero based comic or graphic novel I've gotten to read in a very long time, it's also jam packed with an incredible array of old and new characters, some I'd never before heard of.

Scott Summers aka Cyclops is bound and determined to make sure the “mutant messiah”, a young teen named Hope, fulfills her destiny as host to the cosmic Phoenix. The same one that destroyed Jean Grey. He believes it will save the mutant race and create a new world for them. The Avengers don't agree with Scott's vision and vow to stop Hope, Scott and any other X-Men who get in their way as they try to save the world from ultimate destruction.

That's really all of the story I can tell you without giving away important plotlines. Of course, I can also tell you that the story is much more complicated, that, as the title implies, it involves a battle of epic proportions, that you will never see this many superheroes in action in one story ever again, that the story is also brutal and there are a few surprise deaths, YES, I said deaths. On the lighter side, the illustrations are gorgeous. They range from retro 1950's colouring and style to ultra modern. Basically, the whole thing is brilliant and explosive.

I can also tell you that this graphic novel is the gateway to a new Marvel universe that I'm very excited about. I do believe I'm about to start reading a lot more comic books in the future. If you would like to get your hands on a copy of Avengers vs X-Men, you can find it at the Comic Book Shoppe on Bank Street.

Lee A. Farruga is known as everyone's Geeky Godmother. She has many talents, lots of energy, and loves to help people achieve their goals, whatever that might be. She can also be found reviewing books, games, movies and more at geekygodmother.ca. Also known internationally as the Canadian Queen of Steampunk, Lee created and manages Steampunk Canada. When she finds spare time, Lee does background acting for television and movies, and enjoys geeky activities with family and friends.

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