Saturday 10 May 2014

Charisma Carpenter chats up Ottawa Comiccon

By Christina Marie

After the last minute cancellation of Eliza Dushku, Charisma Carpenter filled the spot with short notice.  The Comiccon crowd wasn’t disappointed as a long line outside formed and the room was filled.  Many of us know Charisma from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. Personally I still associate Charisma with Cordelia, even though I’ve watched her act in Supernatural, alongside James Marsters, in the Expendables (1 and 2) and a few other sitcoms.  I was quite impressed with her sense of humour, wit and ease with the crowd.  She was very entertaining and kept the room laughing and enjoying every minute.
After a few sound issues, people lined up to get a chance to ask her various questions.  When asked how she deals with playing “bad” characters, she replied that she’s never bad, she just has a different point of view from everyone else.  
Her lighter side was evident when she was asked how she felt when her character Cordelia was killed off of Angel.  “Like Shit” she replied and after a few she added “Thanks for bringing it up!” and pretended to get up like she was going to walk away.  Her sense of humour and wit kept the crowd laughing and hoping that the session was even longer.
She was very sincere when a little girl came up to ask if she had ever met anyone with the real name Cordelia and discovered the little girl was named after her character in Buffy.  She took the time to come to the edge of the stage to chat off mic with Cordelia. It was a very touching to see her take the time to talk this little girl.
It is amazing how much you can learn about an actor by attending one of these Q&A sessions.  It brings so much light on how they are in everyday life, just like us, non-actors.  Charisma enjoys playing roles where she can be constantly busy.  The most scenes she can be in, the more she enjoys acting.  Although she was nervous about making the move from Buffy to Angel, having more screen time and responsibilities was something she really enjoyed.  
She liked that her character, Cordelia, grew as a person from start of Buffy to the end of her time on Angel.  She told us about the time in the episode “Prom” from Buffy, that she picked up a spatula in the cabin to use against the demons and was really annoyed.  She thought, she’s not that dumb, after being on the Hell Mouth for three years, she would know better to pick up a spatula!  She approached Joss and David as she was also offended that her character was slutty and after 3 years on the Hell Mouth would know better than to use a spatula!  Joss’ response was, “really Charimsa, that’s why America loves you!” Oh, Ok.
 Soon she will be hosting a true survival series called “Surviving Evil”, based on people who have faced evil and survived. The first episode will be of her facing a serial rapist police officer when she was in her early 20’s.  She will also be in a couple other projects, Griddle House and a Christmas Promise.

I, along with the others in the audience will be looking forward to seeing her in future roles and there is a hope that perhaps being a Whedon graduate, maybe we’ll be lucky enough to see her in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Christina Marie is a student at Carleton University, working on her Bachelor of Computer Science. She has a background in web development and programming and her extra time is spent on being a single mommy to little geeklings, playing sports and gaming, with her current favorites being Warcraft, DayZ, CoD and CS:GO.  She enjoys blogging and tweeting gaming and tech updates @Xtina_Marie04.

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