Wednesday 15 January 2014

A Steampunk Primer by the Canadian Queen of Steam

by Lee A Farruga
Members of Steampunk Ottawa and the Toronto Steampunk Society.

The term “steampunk” has been around since it was first coined by author K.W. Jeter in the 1980s. Before it had a name, at least to me, it meant Victorian era science fiction starting with the stories of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and other authors from that period. Their tales incorporated technology advanced far beyond what they had at that time. Today the steampunk movement has outgrown the original stories and fantastical journeys and has created its own inspired by theVictorian era, but incorporating today's technology and that of our possible future.

And whereas Victorian era science fiction was based in jolly old England, steampunk today is international. There are artists, musicians, movies, makers, groups and more to be found in every country. The internet and social media have helped it grow by leaps and bounds, in particluar over the last 5 years.

Steampunk really took hold here in Canada in 2009. In 2010 Steampunk Canada was created. It exists as a hub for all the groups across Canada. This community space supports them with ideas, promotion and information, it is also a place for the individual steampunk seeker to find groups, events, and others with the same love for this genre/community. It promotes and supports our home grown steampunk artists, writers, makers and costumers, and works to educate the general public about steampunk in Canada.

Currently I am preparing something for a huge worldwide online event with steampunks from Japan, Europe, South America, the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and many more stops on the map. We are a supportive community that loves to welcome newcomers.

If you want to get involved it's quite simple. There is no wrong or right. It's about using your imagination and having fun. Go to Steampunk Canada for more information. Cheers!

Lee A. Farruga is known locally as everyone's Geeky Godmother. She has many talents, lots of energy and she loves to help people achieve their goals, whether it's organizing a home or business, editing a book for publication, promoting someone's pet project, planning an event, or reviewing books, games, movies and more. She is also known internationally as the Canadian Queen of Steampunk. She created and runs Steampunk Canada. In her spare time she does background acting for television and movies, and finds time to spend with family and friends enjoying geeky activities.

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