Tuesday 1 July 2014

Following the Crowd...Funding

By Katie Bonnar

It’s time to come clean: I have an addiction. But it’s not nefarious or even remotely embarrassing like those sad souls featured on My Strange Addiction. I am addicted to crowdfunding. When I boot up the computer in the morning and go through my routine, somewhere between my RSS feed and my email, I’ve usually opened a tab for my most recent poison: Kickstarter. But I’m not one to discriminate – if there’s an Indiegogo worth my money, I’ll happily back that project. I’ve backed campaigns for products such as Buckitt and Foodhuggers and even feel good projects like the Mayfair Theatre’s digital projector campaign (yes, a version of my name is on a seat there – can you find it?).

It has gotten to the point where I back so many that when a fantastic new one came up that my husband and I both wanted to back (full disclosure: he knows the creator of the campaign), he begged me to let him be the one to back it for once so that he could relish in the experience of updates, stretch goals and overall good feelings.

Want to dip your toes in the crowdfunding pool? You’re in luck because here’s a list of currently running campaigns selected for the discerning Capital Geek Girl!

First up, let’s delve into an area close to a Geek Girl’s heart: comics and graphic novels. Crowdfunding sites are rife with people seeking to self-publish and their projects suit all tastes. Here are two currently active campaigns that caught my eye:
Not So Super Comics by Jacques E. Nyemb

Want to get your geek on in moving image? You’re in luck – there are oodles of docs out there just waiting to be funded. This one is especially relevant to our Capital Geek Girls community:

Board games of all types show up with a frequency that speaks to their booming popularity. They range from card-based games to the more intricate, gorgeous games built by true artisans. If board games are your bag, back one today and, depending on your support level, get your mitts on one before it breaks into the market:

And finally, my favourite type of crowdfunding projects: ones that result in getting my hands on some seriously cool new stuff! Here are some geeky tangible products you could back – for yourself or as gifts. Again, these ones are all currently active, so if you see something you like, get in there and back ‘em! 

With campaigns launched daily you might just find yourself scrolling endlessly through crowdfunding campaigns on the regular. So tell me, have you backed a campaign or is this uncharted territory for you? Have you ever run a campaign? And, of course, if you’ve found a gem, share, share, share!

Katie Bonnar is a modern renaissance woman. She is a seriously devoted fan of music, art, photography, armchair economics, fashion, culture, language and My Little Pony. She's an early adopter and, while obsessed with the visually stunning and well-designed, she's also on a quest to minimise the ephemera in her life. You can find her on Twitter at @iamkatiebonnar


  1. Thanks for featuring my Kickstarter for my Not So Super Comics line. If you would like some digital review copies I'd be more than happy to send you some.

    Thanks again!


    1. Jacques, we'd love that! Email us at capitalgeekgirls at gmail dot com! -Jordan Danger, Editor


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