Monday 21 July 2014

Budget Entertainment for Geeky Kids

By Jenn Kelly
We are a one-person-working-two-jobs family, so when it's time to entertain my child for the summer because school is out, I need to be frugal but fun. I'm talking about 'almost ten' kind of fun. For a smart, inquisitive, conscientious boy who likes to blow things up.  
1- Rebuilding LEGO
Yes, it does sound boring.  However, if you can take their specially built models and create a mass-attack of Darth Vader invoking carnage on the superheroes and Emmett, you've got a kid immediately filled with imagination. Destroy built Lego carefully, you don't want them freaking because you overdid it. My dining room table was left like this for a week. We made videos. 

Or you can ask them to build things. For example, my son started building our home. Each room. And then took a photo. The detail was incredible.
2- Crossfit
Yes, you can exercise with your child. How else can you both stay in shape and have them burn off extra energy?  If they don't want to exercise, make them. No seriously, make them.  My kid always beats me in the chin-up competition. 
3- Cross-Stitching
I can hear you laughing.  Every child needs to learn how to sew. They can't be handing you their shirt and button at 22 years old.  Check out this site for Star Wars patterns. You can buy the white cheesecloth stuff, some embroidery thread for less than 10$ and all you do is draw on the stencil with a marker.  This teaches your child patience, dexterity and other uses for their hands instead of video games.
4- The Drive-In.

The Port Elmsley drive-in is the coolest. Yes, it's about an hour from Ottawa. Admission is $11 for adults, kids aged 5-12 are $4 and babies are free. They have an incredible snack shack (get the poutine!) a play structure for the kids while you're waiting for the movies to start, and clean bathrooms. Bring your own snacks, a sleeping bag and pillows! This weekend is the second 'Planes' movie and then 'Malificent'! Movies every single night until labour day. Bring window screen and tape so you can keep your windows rolled down.

Jenn Kelly likes to be original. Just like everyone else.

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  1. I would add Geocaching to this list! If you have a smartphone, there is a $10 app that can be downloaded and installed and access to the bulk of geocaches are available without paying any membership fees. It is a great geeky and /active/ activity that lets you explore geography and the local area!


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