Submit a Piece

If you're interested in contributing an article or other creative item to the CGG blogazine, please do the following:

1. Write your article. 500-1000 words, double spacing between paragraphs, and no indentation on paragraphs. This drives the editor nuts otherwise. All titles/subtitles should be all caps. Include any links to references.

2. Include a bio about yourself that is about 150 words at the end of the piece, and attach a photo of yourself that you're comfortable sharing. Include links to your own site, blog, page, etc. This is your chance for more exposure.

3. Include at LEAST one photo/drawing/image to go with the article, and be sure you are allowed to use it. If you're not sure, make a note in your email when you send it to us. DO NOT embed the photos in your article, send them as separate attachments.

--PLEASE label all attachments with helpful file names, not 374748393.jpg or article.doc--

4. Understand that your article will always be credited to you, and will remain your piece; also understand that by submitting your article, you are giving CGG permission to use it at will, for non-profit or for-profit uses, and that we may edit it as we see fit. Them's the rules.

5. There are limited spaces available for regular montly or weekly contributors, though we definitely accept one-time submissions, too. And over time we hope to offer compensation to our loyal and awesome authors.

If you've read all that and you're game, send us something to read!

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