Tuesday 1 April 2014

Fake Geek Girl: Toni's Perspective

The “fake geek girl” label has been around for quite some time now. I’ve heard it used by both men and women when describing such a person. During my time as an employee of a comic book store, I would often feel like I was being “tested” on my knowledge. Tested on if I had seen or read the newest anime series that has JUST been released from Japan or if I knew which Robin was currently alive/or had just expired in the Batman comics. But alas, the moment I tripped up on information or wasn’t up-to-date on something, my credibility as a “geek” was questioned.  I never quite understood why really. Big deal, so what?
One time I even had a customer jokingly say, “Well, maybe I should be behind that counter instead of you”, only because I messed up on my knowledge on a sci-fi topic.

The number of women that were openly into geeky fandoms during the early 90’s had it a bit rough because it was a VERY rare thing to find. What?? A girl that knows what happened in
“The Incredible Hulk” issue# 181? Unheard of! Ok then, who was the writer and the artist of that comic book then? You don’t know who they were? Then that makes you a “fake geek girl”.

My understanding of what makes a “fake geek girl”, through my experience, is one’s judgement based on another’s level of knowledge on comic’s, movies, gaming etc...

Like most labels, I do not encourage the use of this one. It’s enough that some of us were bullied for being a geek/nerd when we were growing up. Why should we shun newborn female geeks today by calling them a “fake geek girl”? If anything, we should nurture their likes because we have a common interest. No one should be berated because they don’t know as much as you do.

Embrace evolution! Girls can be geeky too! Deal with it.
Toni Weri is a freelance artist and a proud member of the Rebel Legion. She is a geek of all trades, but her forte lies with anime, costuming, video games and Sci-Fi.

You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @ TONIGEEKGIRL

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