Monday 10 March 2014

Geek Girl Review: Saga, a fan-favourite comic book

by Lee A Farruga


It's an old story. A man and woman in love, but they're from different worlds. Then they have a baby. She is the apple of their eye and a perfect blend of them both. She's got her mom's wings and her dad's horns.

Oh yeah, when I say they come from different worlds I mean it. Alana comes from the largest planet in the galaxy – Landfall, and Marko comes from its moon – Wreath. Not only do they literally come from different worlds, but these worlds are at war and have been for generations. We're talking Romeo and Juliet in space – with robots and magic.

Saga, Volume 1 is a collection of the first set of comics that tell the story of fighters Alana and Marko, who leave the war behind and start a family instead.

The whole story starts with little Hazel's birth and then continues with bounty hunters (freelancers) and groups on both sides of the war trying to eliminate the happy couple and retrieve their “mutt”. All Alana and Marko want is a quiet spot in the universe to settle down. Is that too much to ask? Apparently it is.

One of my favourite parts is a small one, but it's a great example of the tone of this epic story. A seahorse creature, an agent, is speaking to freelancer “The Will” through space and time. The combination of surreal alien and the words that come out of its mouth - “Hey you, your signal sucks. Where are you?” - makes this scene more grounded. And that's how the whole story plays out. Surreal one moment and down-to-earth the next.

And by the way... this is a very adult story. Absolutely NOT for children. Sex and violence and no holds barred. But it fits the crazy fantastic story by Brian K. Vaughan which, I must say, is quite the feat. He has also done a fine job of creating characters that are not entirely good or evil, but many shades of grey.

The artwork by Fiona Staples is phenomenal. There are some very imaginative creatures in this story, including a very large cat who can tell when someone is lying, and a sweet teen babysitter who also happens to be dead (and has her bottom half missing). Even the wings on Alana's people and the horns on Marko's are all really different in design. There is a lot of imagination and detail throughout the whole volume.

It's a fabulous piece of writing and art, and definitely worth reading. Get your own copy at The Comic Book Shoppe on Bank Street.


Lee A. Farruga is known as everyone's Geeky Godmother. She has many talents, lots of energy, and loves to help people achieve their goals, whatever that might be. She can also be found reviewing books, games, movies and more. Also known internationally as the Canadian Queen of Steampunk, Lee created and manages Steampunk Canada. When she finds spare time, Lee does background acting for television and movies, and enjoys geeky activities with family and friends.

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