Wednesday 12 March 2014

Capital Geek Girls is on YouTube!

by Jordan Danger
Good day, avid geek girl followers!

Today, I'm officially announcing that Capital Geek Girls has a YouTube show. Lacking for better inspiration, it's called "Two Girls Talking". It features....two girls talking. Namely, yours truly (Jordan Danger, Editor of Capital Geek Girls) and MJ Baker, owner of Bake It So! Bakery. We discuss various topics of geekery. Episode 2 playlist is here, and here's just the blooper reel, for those who appreciate such things:

I hope you appreciate the homage to Star Wars scene transitions. Fade! Crossfade! Diamond fade!

Episode 1 is up there, too. The sound, lighting, and autofocus are a nightmare. But the content is fun. Here me repeatedly screw up basic information, like who's in the X-Men movie, and whether or not Jude Law is gay. Here's a link to that playlist.

We encourage you to comment in the comments, and subscribe to the channel. To give you an idea of what you're in store for, the working title of the show was, "MJ is Quippy and Jordan Can't Stop Giggling".

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