Tuesday 17 June 2014

Geek Girl Picks: Laptop Bags

By Katie Bonnar

Yes, we are really doing this. We are talking about replacing your ratty, beat-up, dropped-in-the-mud, covered-in-coffee-stains, college/uni leftover laptop bag. Why? Because that bag is probably not who you are anymore. I’m not saying you’re defined by a bag – we’re can’t all be Jane Birkin, but even us geeks like to have a little chic in our lives. Am I right? If I might be even the teensiest bit correct, then here we go: the hunt for a fashionable laptop bag!

Here are the things I believe about laptop bags: They should last in both style and durability – preferably longer than the laptop they’re toting. They should be smartly and stylishly designed, keeping in mind their purpose. They should HOLD ALL THE THINGS.

I have scoured the farthest corners of the “Will Ship to Canada” Internet to come up with these contenders, ranging from total budget killers to cheap and cheerful chic.


If you fall in love easily, walk away now. This Daame laptop tote is a complete splurge, but if you’re a mobile office, investing in a sturdy, high-quality bag with some serious design appeal can make sense. Not only are these bags made in the USA, Daame also donates 5% of all profits to partners that further the education of girls. This is, as the name suggests, the Everest of fashionable laptop bags. Daame produces their bags in waves, as demand dictates – there is currently a waitlist for their newest model, Naked, while Everest is currently accepting orders.
Daame Everest 15” Leather Laptop Tote in black, $465.00 USD, photo from daame.com


Mamtak – now, here’s a brand that’s new to me, but speaks my language: quality, affordability and run by designers based in Amsterdam and Tokyo. Mamtak’s offering is the Aya, made of leather and comes in four colour combinations. What gets me about this bag is the handles – padded and wide – perfect for hauling around your precious cargo without killing your shoulders. The classic shape and very purse-like appearance make this a strong contender for the laptop bag most likely to double as a convincing purse if your work day takes a more social turn.

Mamtak Aya 15.4” Laptop Bag in green and white, $201.75, photo from mamtakbags.com

Not so keen on using leather? The Eco-Friendly Tote from Mobile Edge might fit the bill: made with an eco-friendly natural cotton (using DuPont’s Sorona polymer fabric) and available in a variety of colours, this bag has space to spare. Fitting a 16” laptop or 17” Macbook, this tote is big bang for your buck at a very pocket-friendly price and goes from chic to oh-so-sweet depending on the colour you choose – just promise you’ll remove the clip-on cell phone pouch. Currently on sale in several colours on Mobile Edge’s own site.
Mobile Edge Eco-Friendly Tote in Blue, currently on sale for $49.99 USD, photo from mobileedge.com


Here’s another leather-free gem: the Classic Tote from Solo. Be mindful, this bag has a vinyl body, so let’s not put too much stock in this one going the true distance, but with the low price point and the paisley interior lining (I’m a sucker for a good lining fabric), this might be a bag worth trying. One feature that hits the mark is the key clip – having one secure location for your keys in a big bag is a huge bonus and a thoughtful feature that more companies should be adopting. If you’re not ready to make the leap to a leather bag or prefer not to use leather, the Classic might be the tote for you.

Solo Classic 15.6” Tote, $44.99 USD, photo from solo.net

This colourful tote for Kailo Chic is available in six different patterns in canvas with faux leather edging.  Kailo Chic does recommend giving their bags a quick seal with Scotch Guard to keep them looking fresh and clean, but at the price point, that’s acceptable. Stuffed with features and pockets, this bag can handle whatever you throw at it (so long as you Scotch Guard first). Their bright, fun fabrics definitely take top billing, but where features are concerned, their back pocket with the bottom zipper is absolutely worth coveting. The pocket opens at both ends to allow you to slip the tote over the handle of your suitcase when travelling. Anyone who has struggled through an airport, feeling more “bag lady” than “business woman” will immediately know this feature is brilliant and necessary.
Kailo Chic Green Circles Laptop Tote, $79.99 USD, photo from Kailochic.com

Lo and Sons The O.M.G.
Part of me regrets ever finding this site because they DON’T SHIP TO CANADA yet. But if you’ve got magical United States superpowers, here’s a contender that is probably a touch large for daily use, but if you’re also going to the gym or away for the night, may I present, The O.M.G. Yes. That’s the name. Let’s ignore that for now. This bag comes across like a Tardis where space is concerned – watch the video on their site to see what I mean. And with several colours to choose from, this Lo and Sons style can suit just about anyone. Bookmark the site if you’re a patient soul who can wait for their Canadian shipping expansion.
Lo and Sons The O.M.G. in plum exterior with light gold hardware, lavender interior and brown handles, $275.00 USD, photo from loandsons.com

Katie Bonnar is a modern renaissance woman, which is reflected in her interests. She is a seriously devoted fan of music, art, photography, arm chair economics, fashion, culture, language and My Little Pony. She's an early adopter and, while obsessed with the visually stunning and well-designed, she's also on a quest to minimise the ephemera in her life. You can find her on Twitter at @iamkatiebonnar


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