Wednesday 12 February 2014

The Launch: Photos!

We officially launched the blogazine this month, and had an after-hours videogame party at FutureShop to celebrate. It was a stellar event, with a huge turnout and more candy than anyone could ever possibly eat. If you weren't there, we missed you. If you were, we hope you loved it. Here are some pics from the big night.

CiCi & Co blew us away with these awesome TASTY cupcakes.

Jenn Kelly (writer) on the left, hugging the mastermind
behind CiCi & Co's cupcakes!

Gaming on giant TV's? Yeahhhhh.

Girls vs Guys, Elves vs Wizards...

Impromptu card gaming broke out in the aisles.

We had everything from PS4's to N-64's. 

Card games and board games were on hand, thanks to The Comic Book Shoppe on Bank Street.

Ballonicorn made a lot of friends.

Artist Curtis Tiegs (middle) came out to celebrate geek girls.

CGG Editor, Jordan Danger, gave a stirring speech
via repeated phonecalls through the PA system.

Cosplayers came out to play.

One of the happy winners of the Ottawa Comiccon tickets!
Thank you all for making's launch a huge hit. Stay in touch by following on Facebook and Twitter, and keep checking right here on the blogazine!

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