Tuesday 12 February 2013

Wonder Geeks Activate! Local art show promises geeky fun.

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by Jordan Danger


Look out, Ottawa: there’s a nifty, nerdy new art show on the scene that is most definitely not your gramma’s art show. No water colour sunrises and oil paintings of sunflowers, folks; the Wonder Geeks Activate! show promises to be a very cool event to interact with some highly talented young artists. 

Girl, Crafted chatted with Adam Tupper, artist and organizer of the Wonder Geeks Activate! art show, to learn a bit more about what you can expect to see on February 25th ’13, at Zaphod Beeblebrox in Ottawa’s Byward Market. Here’s what Adam shared with us about the show and himself.


Cheetara by Adam Tupper
GC: What is your name?                         
AT: Adam Tupper. There are two middle names too, but I'm not telling. A man has to have some secrets.

GC: What do you do? (Your art, not your day job)
AT: My art is a mixture of four main styles: Super-Women (which is attractive model pinup ladies dressed as superheroes - done in a very realistic style); Fusion Art (combining characters that were never supposed to be together in both costume and art style); Say...Hello Project (Hello Kitty meets everything and anything); and horror (pretty self explanatory - monsters and blood).

GC: How long have you been doing it?
AT: Art in general? Since as long as I can remember. Art as a profession? Since Aug. 2010.

GC: Tell us about your art show: what's it called, where is it, what's it all about?
AT: Wonder Geeks Activate! is an art/music show aimed at geeks and nerds. It happens on February 25th at Zaphod Beeblebrox, 27 York Street in the Market. It's basically just an excuse to get like-minded people together and celebrate geek culture while drinking alcohol.

Curtis Tiegs
GC: Who will be in the show?
AT: Only some of the best local artists around!
Edith Chartier (AKA Silver Lotus - costuming queen and maker of a huge variety of arts and crafts)
Morgan Dunbar (AKA Geek Charming - she of t-shirts, accessories and creator of our logo)
Cherry Valance (local artist/model/awesome person)
Staja Artists Collective (Buttons, art, MAGIC!)
Curtis Tiegs (Artist, man who works with famous people on comic books)
Mirror Comics (Local comic book company, kings of industry)
Darren Bird (Creator of art, owner of awesome hair)
Lissa Huddlestone (New Artist, very eager)
Jordan Richer (Artist/Photographer/Evil Genius)
Choleena DiTullio (Mixed media artist, loves paper).
Oh and me [Adam Tupper]. I'm there too. Probably in a vest.

GC: Why did you want to put this show on?
AT:  I wanted to do an art show with my friends and other members of the geek and nerd community because I think there's a lot of talented people here who aren't getting the attention they deserve. We focus so much on so-called "high art" here in the city that it's important to showcase all artists working in all genres. I also wanted to do something for the local genre community which is just massive. There should be more local geeky/nerdy events in Ottawa and I'm hoping people get behind this event so we can do them with greater frequency.
Edith Chartier/Silver Lotus

GC: What kind of stuff do you think we'll see at the show? What'll the price range be like?
AT: I've worked with most of these artists before so you're going to see quite a wide variety of work. We have comic book style art, cartooning, hyper-realism, pixel art, paper art, mashup art, photography, jewellery, buttons, actual comics for sale, small prints, big prints, originals, t-shirts...it's really a mix of everything. Prices should range from $1-$2 for small items all the way into the hundreds for original artwork. All the artists will have items for sale that are in and around $5-$10 so attendees will have no problem finding some fantastic affordable art.

GC: Is there anything else happening during the show? (performances, drinks, etc)
AT: We'll be having some live videogaming happening with some professional players button-mashing on some old-school systems. We should also have cartoons and anime playing on some of the TVs at Zaphods. Maybe if we're all lucky we'll also have some costumed guests show up.

Geek Charming
GC: Where can people go to learn more?
AT: Our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/wondergeeksactivate

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