Thursday 13 March 2014


By Thea Nikolic 


Well, Toronto Comic Con has come and gone, the costumes were worn, make up washed off and fun was had. But that doesn't mean that the convention attention has to stop. I got to see some pretty awesome cosplay while I was there and have compiled them here for all to enjoy.  These are my favourite cosplays of the convention; they are not in any particular order, they are costumes that stood out to me for various reasons, including craftsmanship, overall look and the cosplayers willingness to stay in character the entire time.

Merida from Brave , cosplayed by
Photo by Thea Nikolic
I loved the addition of the little stuffed Bear as her brother. Super cute

Hawk Girl from Justice League Animated, cosplayed by
Photo by Thea Nikolic
I was in awe of this girl's head piece. Really amazing work on that, very true to the show

Zam Wesell from Star Wars Attack of the Clones, cosplayed by Leisa Knapp
Photo by Mark Legault,
Leisa is a member of the 501st Legion, Star Wars charity costuming group and her stuff is always top notch

Elsa from Frozen, cosplayed by Parker
Photo by Mark Legault,
This little girl was amazing, she looked great in her costume, she had some fabulous poses and rocked it.

Kroenen from Hell Boy, cosplayed by  Nithic Ixtrix
Photo by Mark Legault,
This costume commanded attention. Mask was great, stance of this German soldier, henchman of Rasputin spot on.

Captain Hook and Rufio from Hook, cosplayed by Andrea Polcz and
Photo by Thea Nikolic
These two looked amazing together. Great poses and beautiful costumes.

Deadpool from Marvel Comics, cosplayed by Zach
Photo by Thea Nikolic
Another one of the younger generation showing us his mad skills. This kid was all over the Deapool poses and all his accessories were fantastic.

Katniss from Catching Fire and Lady Deadpool from Marvel Comics, cosplayed by and
Photo by Mark Legault,
These gals are always in top form, crafting with precision and portraying their characters with authenticity.

Ghost Rider from Marvel Comics, cosplayed by Bill "Wild Bill" Plewes
Photo by Mark Legault,
Loved the flames that catch your eye from across the room. Very effective.

Lady Thor and Loki from Marvel Comics, cosplayed by Sarah Jean Maefs and
Photo by Thea Nikolic
These two ladies looked fierce and had stellar props, and costumes were fantastic. Loki even shared a few tips

Mark 1 Iron Man from Iron Man movie, cosplayed by Owen Day
Photo by Thea Nikolic
Really impressive to see this guy tromping through the convention hall. He looked like he had the weight of the suit as he walked along. Lovely build.

Ranger of Gondor from Lord of the Rings, cosplayed by Joshua Mendoza
Photo by Thea Nikolic
His archery poses were great and there was never not a flock of photo lemmings around him.

Ace Ventura from Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, cosplayed by Simon Fontaine
Photo by Mark Legault,
This guy had to be my favourite of the whole weekend. not only did he nail the costume, he NEVER dropped character once, from the floor, to posing, to the escalator on his way out. It was hilarious to watch him conversing with Saruman trying to find his pet Warg.

Thea Nikolic is a local girl of geek, writing for CCG, Geek X Girls and cosplays on her own time. You can follow her antics at to see where she will pop up next. 

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