Thursday 9 May 2013

Ottawa Comiccon 2013 Begins!

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by Jordan Danger

Nananananananana nanananananana Batmobile!

The Ottawa Comiccon kicked off yesterday afternoon with a short press conference and the appearance of the Adam West-era Batmobile down at City Hall. Mayor Jim Watson sat in the car looking spiffy.

Throughout the weekend, I'll be tweeting and facebooking about the con, and there'll be a post to wrap-up, too. If you're missing this year's comiccon, people, I think you're missing something special. But if you really can't make it, there's this crazy sale running on Saturday night at our Geek Girls HQ, the Comic Book Shoppe, that runs from 9pm-midnight. So you can make your own mini-con.

Be sure to check out all the info on the event on the Ottawa Comiccon official site!

Various City Councillors looking giddy as schoolgirls.

CTV's Kurt Stoodley Emcee'ing

It's Friday night of the Con, and I just had to add a few things here:

The Force is strong with this one!

The display for the 501st

Precious handmade treasures from Liebchen Designs.

My new favourite tee maker, Akumu Ink

Smart cookies this year: shelter for the long lines!

AND a very special video clip of the four Daleks:

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